About the Journal

The flagship publication of the PHM Society is the open online journal entitled the International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (IJPHM). The Journal has established a fast paced, yet rigorous peer-review policy. The Journal intends to publish original papers within 8-12 weeks of initial submission, much faster than what is possible with traditional print media.

Current Issue

Published: 2024-01-16

Technical Papers

An Improved Fault Detection Method based on HSMM

Lestari Handayani, VRIGNAT VRIGNAT, Frédéric Kratz
Abstract 205 | PDF Downloads 236

A Generic Machine Learning Framework for Fully-Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Contaminated Data

Markus Ulmer, Jannik Zgraggen, Lilach Goren Huber
Abstract 277 | PDF Downloads 321

Prognostics Aware Control Design for Extended Remaining Useful Life

Dr. Julien Thuillier, Mayank Shekhar Jha, Sebastien Le Martelot, Dr. Didier Theilliol
Abstract 249 | PDF Downloads 245

An ANFIS-based Framework for the Prediction of Bearing’s Remaining Useful Life

Abdel wahhab Lourari, Tarak Benkedjouh, Bilal El Yousfi, Abdenour Soualhi
Abstract 333 | PDF Downloads 397

A Deep Learning Approach to Within-Bank Fault Detection and Diagnostics of Fine Motion Control Rod Drives

Ark Oluwatobi Ifeanyi, Jamie B. Coble, Abhinav Saxena
Abstract 175 | PDF Downloads 234

A Preprocessing and Modeling Approach for Gearbox Pitting Severity Prediction under Unseen Operating Conditions and Fault Severities

Rik Vaerenberg, Douw Marx, Seyed Ali Hosseinli, Fabrizio De Fabritiis, Hao Wen, Rui Zhu, Konstantinos Gryllias
Abstract 139 | PDF Downloads 99

A Data-Driven Methodology to Assess Raw Materials Impact on Manufacturing Systems Breakdowns

Maha Ben Ayed, Moncef Soualhi, Raouf Ketata, Nicolas Mairot, Sylvian Giampiccolo, Noureddine Zerhouni
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 136

A Multi-Output Deep Learning Model for Fault Diagnosis Based on Time-Series Data

Ahmed Al-Ajeli, Eman S. Alshamery
Abstract 109 | PDF Downloads 117