Data-Driven Capability-based Health Monitoring Method for Automative Manufacturing



Published Jun 29, 2021
Alexandre Gaffet Pauline Ribot Elodie Chanthery Nathalie Barbosa Roa Christophe Merle


Testing equipments are a crucial part of production quality control in the automotive industry. Their health needs to be controlled carefully to avoid quality issues and false alarms that reduce production efficiency, potentially leading to huge losses. The main challenge for this control is the large number of features leaning for automated reasoning. A data-based Health Monitoring System could be a solution.

In manufacturing industries, a widely accepted index for evaluating process performance is the capability. It combines statistical measures for normal distributions in order to verify the ability of a process to produce an output within the specification limits. In this article we propose  a capability-based prognosis and diagnosis method based on test data. Capability is calculated and compared to a known threshold. If the index value exceeds the threshold, then a diagnosis phase is initiated to find out which parts of the equipment are faulty. Data temporality is also taken into account. Data trends are used for prognosis.Test data are splited into periods. To respect the normality assumption of the capability, it is proposed to use a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) classification to extract all normal distributions found in one data period.

Two approaches are discussed for selecting the number of clusters used for the classification. The first approach is based on the well-known Bayesian Information Criterion (BIC). The second approach uses a multi-criteria aggregation function learned by using machine learning on a synthetically gene-rated dataset. Some of the criteria used in the aggregation are inference based. Others are classical statistics extracted from the classes obtained by the GMM.For each of these classes the capability index is calculated and used for diagnosis and prognosis purposes.

This method is applied on real data from In-Circuit Testing (ICT)  machines for electronic components at a Vitesco factory in France.

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Gaffet, A., Ribot, P., Chanthery, E., Barbosa Roa, N., & Merle, C. (2021). Data-Driven Capability-based Health Monitoring Method for Automative Manufacturing. PHM Society European Conference, 6(1), 12.
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Process capability, Gaussian Mixture Model, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Model selection, Automotive manufacturing, Machine learning, Data-based health monitoring

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