Data-Driven Fault Detection for Transmitter in Logging-While-Drilling Tool



Published Jun 29, 2022
Karolina Sobczak-Oramus Ahmed Mosallam Caner Basci Jinlong Kang


Logging tools widely used in the oil and gas industry are exposed to demanding environmental conditions that can lead to faster degradation and unexpected failures. These events can reduce productivity, delay deliverables, or even bring entire drilling operations to an end. However, such accidents can be avoided using a prognostics and health management  approach. This paper presents a data-driven fault detection method for transmitter in logging-while-drilling tool adopting a support vector machine classifier. The health analyzer determines the component’s physical condition in just a few minutes, demonstrating an exceptional value for both field and maintenance engineers. This work is part of a long-term project aimed at constructing a digital fleet management system for downhole testing tools.

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Sobczak-Oramus, K., Mosallam, A., Basci, C. ., & Kang, J. (2022). Data-Driven Fault Detection for Transmitter in Logging-While-Drilling Tool. PHM Society European Conference, 7(1), 458–465.
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Fault Detection, Data-Driven, Logging tools, Support vector machine, Classification

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