Tool Compatibility Index: Indicator Enables Improved Tool Selection for Well Construction



Published Jun 29, 2022
Jinlong Kang Christophe Varnier Ahmed Mosallam Noureddine Zerhouni Fares Ben Youssef Nannan Shen


In the area of well construction, the tool reliability and the field environment are two contributing factors that influence drilling job efficiency and success. Either using high specification tools in low-risk environmental or applying tools of low reliability in harsh environments is inadvisable. Thus, how to select a suitable tool fitting the environment of an approaching drilling job is of great significance for tool planning. However, today, the tool selection decision is not optimized because it is often based on partial data availability and understanding.

This paper presents an indicator called tool compatibility index, which can support improved tool selection decision making. This index takes part reliability, part criticality, and field environment into consideration, and gives a score indicating the compatibility of the tool to a specific environment. Moreover, the tool compatibility index is computed based on a weighted average method, which is computation simple and can be easily deployed. This work is part of a long-term project aiming to construct a risk-based decision advisor for drilling and measurement tools.

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Kang, J. ., Varnier, C. ., Mosallam, A. ., Zerhouni, N. ., Youssef, F. B. ., & Shen, N. . (2022). Tool Compatibility Index: Indicator Enables Improved Tool Selection for Well Construction. PHM Society European Conference, 7(1), 239–244.
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Tool compatibility index, Reliability, weighted average method, Well Construction

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