On discrete-time observer structures for fault estimation



Published Jul 5, 2016
Dusan Krokavec Anna Filasov´ Pavol Liščinsky


In the paper there is proposed a modified technique for system faults estimation in linear dynamic systems, which gives the possibility simultaneously estimate the system state and faults. Using a discrete-time observer form, the considered faults are assumed to be additive, thereby the principle can be applied for a broader class of time-varying fault signals. An enhanced algorithm is provided to verify stability of the observer with improved performance of fault estimation. Exploiting the given procedure the proposed technique allows to obtain signals that can be further used for thresholds setting in the fault residual scheme. The approach utilizes the measurable output vector variables and the design conditions are based on linear matrix inequality technique.

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Krokavec, D., Filasov´, A., & Liščinsky, P. (2016). On discrete-time observer structures for fault estimation. PHM Society European Conference, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.36001/phme.2016.v3i1.1613
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linear matrix inequalities, Linear dynamic systems, discrete-time observers, additive fault estimation, fault residuals, enhanced Lyapunov function

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