Virtual Framework for Validation and Verification of System Design Requirements to enable Condition Based Maintenance



Published Jul 3, 2012
Heiko Mikat Antonino Marco Siddiolo Matthias Buderath


During the last decade Condition Based Maintenance [CBM] became an important area of interest to reduce maintenance and logistic delays related down times and improve system effectiveness. Reliable diagnostic and prognostic capabilities that can identify and predict incipient failures are required to enable such a maintenance concept. For a successful integration of CBM into a system, the challenge beyond the development of suitable algorithms and monitoring concepts is also to validate and verify the appropriate design requirements. To justify additional investments into such a design approach it is also important to understand the benefits of the CBM solution. Throughout this paper we will define a framework that can be used to support the Validation & Verification [V&V] process for a CBM system in a virtual environment. The proposed framework can be tailored to any type of system design. It will be shown that an implementation of failure prediction capabilities can significantly improve the desired system performance outcomes and reduce the risk for resource management; on the other hand an enhanced online monitoring system without prognostics has only a limited potential to ensure the return on investment for developing and integrating such technologies. A case study for a hydraulic pump module will be carried out to illustrate the concept.

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Mikat, H., Siddiolo, A. M., & Buderath, M. (2012). Virtual Framework for Validation and Verification of System Design Requirements to enable Condition Based Maintenance. PHM Society European Conference, 1(1).
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Condition Based Maintenance, Model-Based Design, Validation and Verification, Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis

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