Classification of stages of wear in spur gears based on wear debris morphology



Published Jul 22, 2020
Dharmender Jangra Ashish K. Darpe Harish Hirani


This work investigates the morphological changes in the wear debris, generated during the different stages of gear wear. Wear debris are generated at the mating load-bearing tooth surfaces having relative motion. The number and size of collected wear debris provide useful information for the gear fault diagnosis.

In the present work, both online and offline analyses of wear debris are carried out for gear fault diagnosis. In the online analysis, the oil from the gear sump is passed through online wear debris counter (to estimate the number of wear particles per minute) and particle size bin. Along with the online process, the oil samples are collected periodically, and wear debris particle images are captured using a scanning electron microscope (SEM). These images are subsequently processed to determine the parameters related to the shape, size and boundary features of the particles. The results of the modified texture in different stages of gear wear are reported. The average wear mass calculated as the actual area of the wear particles is combined with particle per minute is used as the stage’s classification.

The combined online and offline study provides a better prediction of mild wear progression along with the information on the wear mechanisms at different stages of wear. The presence of different type of particles (ferrous and non-ferrous) points to degradation of specific components.

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Jangra, D., Darpe, A. K., & Hirani, H. . (2020). Classification of stages of wear in spur gears based on wear debris morphology. PHM Society European Conference, 5(1), 9.
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Spur gear, wear debris, fractal analysis

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