Development of an End State Vision to Implement Digital Monitoring in Nuclear Plants



Published Oct 28, 2022
Cody Walker Vivek Agarwal Pradeep Ramuhalli Nancy Lybeck


Nuclear plant sites collect and store large volumes of data gathered from various equipment and systems. These datasets typically include plant process parameters, maintenance records, technical logs, online monitoring data, and equipment failure data. The collection of such data affords an opportunity to leverage data-driven machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide diagnostic and prognostic capabilities within the nuclear power industry, thus reducing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs. In this way, nuclear energy can become more economically competitive with other energy sources, and premature plant closures can be avoided. From a maintenance standpoint, savings can be achieved by leveraging ML and AI technologies to develop data-driven algorithms that better diagnose and predict potential faults within the system. Improved model accuracy can help reduce unnecessary maintenance and foster more efficient planning of future maintenance, thereby lowering the costs associated with parts, labor, and costly planned, forced, or extended outages. From an operations perspective, cost savings can be generated by shifting from routine-based monitoring to online monitoring by taking advantage of advancements in sensors and wireless communication technologies. Advancements in data storage, mapping, management, and analytics would inform the transition from onsite- to cloud-based computing and storage services. Online monitoring would reduce the number of operator manhours required for taking routine measurements, while cloud computing services would generate cost savings by reducing the amount of hardware needing to be purchased and maintained all while scaling to both computational and storage demands. This paper summarizes an end state vision of how to shift from costly, labor-intensive preventative maintenance to cost-effective predictive maintenance.

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Walker, C., Agarwal, V., Ramuhalli, P., & Lybeck, N. (2022). Development of an End State Vision to Implement Digital Monitoring in Nuclear Plants. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 14(1).
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Azure, Wireless, Feature Selection, forecasting, diagnostics

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