Impact of Modulation Frequencies on the Lifetime of Power Semiconductor Modules for EV Applications



Published Oct 2, 2017
Quentin Gestes Nicolas Degrenne


Accurate lifetime estimation of power semiconductor modules is necessary in applications such as Electrical Vehicles (EV). This paper presents a new Modulation Frequency (MF) model to estimate the thermo-mechanical cycles caused by drive profiles and motor rotating speed. The paper compares lifetime estimations with conventional Low Frequency (LF) models and shows that when using conventional damage law established by power cycling experiments, the numerous lowamplitude cycles at the modulation frequency play a major role in the degradation of the power semiconductor modules.

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Gestes, Q., & Degrenne, N. (2017). Impact of Modulation Frequencies on the Lifetime of Power Semiconductor Modules for EV Applications. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 9(1).
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Electrical Vehicles, Semiconductor reliability

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