Bringing the Aircraft System Health Management Tool to Life Using the Informatica Tool Suite



Published Oct 14, 2013
Glenn Peters Mark Mosher Chris Carlson


Earlier this year, UTC Aerospace Systems introduced the Aircraft System Health Management (ASHM) Tool, a web application that takes in Aircraft Condition Monitoring Function (ACMF) reports for selected subsystems and components of an aircraft platform, parses and processes the reported parameters against thresholds and computes estimated or expected values for some key parameters, and serves the report data and the processed results as part of a fleet view available to airline and maintenance users.

The ASHM application uses Informatica PowerCenter to parse and store incoming report data and Informatica RulePoint to apply alert rules and analytic processing to the report data as it is persisted to the ASHM database. This paper describes how UTC Aerospace Systems has leveraged a commercial off-the-shelf tool suite rather than continue to build custom components for the ASHM architecture, with the goals of achieving a short development cycle, robust transaction processing, and scalability to other aircraft systems and other aircraft platforms.

Instead of building tools from scratch that would need to be reworked as the application scales, a set of scalable tools that suit the task at hand and in the future were selected. The full suite of tools, beyond what has been implemented so far, appears to provide capability to address data integrity, reliability and performance as the application grows.

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Peters, G. ., Mosher, M. ., & Carlson, C. . (2013). Bringing the Aircraft System Health Management Tool to Life Using the Informatica Tool Suite. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 5(1).
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