Study on MEMS board-level package reliability under high-G impact



Published Sep 25, 2011
Jiuzheng Cui Bo Sun Qiang Feng ShengKui Zeng


Under high-G (104 g or above) impact load conditions, the reliability of micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) board-level package and interconnection are critical concerned that influence the mission success of total projectile. This paper conducts a research on this problem to analyze package reliability using finite element modelling (FEM) and simulation method. Theoretical analysis and mathematical model for failure mechanism of MEMS package under high-G impact are conducted and established. A FEM dynamic analysis is conducted on a typical MEMS board-level leadless chip carrier (LCC) package. Results show that the solder joints are one of the key weakness points that influence the reliability of MEMS package. The maximum effective stress in the structure occurs at the outer corner in the outermost solder point, and the alloy cover and printed circuit board (PCB) have a greater deformation.

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Cui, J. ., Sun, B. ., Feng, Q. ., & Zeng, S. . (2011). Study on MEMS board-level package reliability under high-G impact. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 3(1).
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package reliability, high-G impact, MEMS, board-level

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