Commercialization of Prognostics Systems Leveraging Commercial Off- The-Shelf Instrumentation, Analysis, and Data Base Technologies



Published Sep 25, 2011
Preston Johnson


There are many facets of a prognostics and health management system. Facets include data collection systems that monitor machine parameters; signal processing facilities that sort, analyze and extract features from collected data; pattern matching algorithms that work to identify machine degradation modes; database systems that organize, trend, compare and report information; communications that synchronize prognostic system information with business functions including plant operations; and finally visualization features that allow interested personnel the ability to view data, reports, and information from within the intranet or across the internet.A prognostic system includes all of these facets, with details of each varying to match specific needs of specific machinery. To profitably commercialize a prognostic system, a generic yet flexible framework is adopted which allows customization of individual facets. Customization of one facet does not materially impact another. This paper describes the framework, and provides case studies of successful implementation.

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Johnson, P. (2011). Commercialization of Prognostics Systems Leveraging Commercial Off- The-Shelf Instrumentation, Analysis, and Data Base Technologies. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 3(1).
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PHM system design and engineering, on-line condition monitoring, COTS Technology

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