Model-Based Assurance of Diagnostic Procedures for Complex Systems



Published Oct 10, 2010
Tolga Kurtoglu Robyn Lutz Martin S. Feather


Verifying diagnostic procedures for complex systems is hard and labor-intensive. Usually this verification is accomplished primarily through extensive review of the procedures by experts. We aim to augment this review process by using insights from comparing the diagnostic steps described in the procedural definitions with diagnostics information derived from existing models of the system. These comparisons offer various conformance checks between the manually developed diagnostic procedures and the diagnostic trees auto- generated from the diagnostic system models. We previously described our DTV (Diagnostic Tree for Verification) technique based on these comparisons. This paper describes an extension to DTV, and reports results of an application of DTV to a representative system’s diagnostic procedures. Specifically, it outlines four analyses (branch analysis, root cause coverage, path verification, and efficiency) that can be performed using DTV; illustrates the process for applying DTV; and reports results from our application of DTV to assure fifteen of the procedures developed for diagnosing problems in an electrical power system testbed for spacecraft.

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Kurtoglu, T. ., Lutz, R. ., & S. Feather, M. . (2010). Model-Based Assurance of Diagnostic Procedures for Complex Systems. Annual Conference of the PHM Society, 2(1).
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