Study on the intermittent fault mechanism of electromagnetic relay under complex environmental stress



Published Sep 4, 2023
Ye Jingzhong Lyu Kehong Liu Guanjun Qiu Jing


When the relay experiences intermittent failures, its faults are difficult to reproduce, making it difficult to repair, and bringing daunting challenges to equipment reliability and mission success. Domestic and international studies have shown that environmental stresses, especially vibration stress and temperature stress, are important causes of intermittent failures of relays, but their mechanisms are not yet clear. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of the mechanism of relay intermittent failure under complex environmental stresses has become a critical challenge that needs to be accomplished. To address this issue, this paper takes a model of electromagnetic relay as the research object and conducts an in-depth study of the intermittent failure mechanism of the relay under vibration stress and temperature stress after salt spray corrosion using the technical approach of theoretical analysis, simulation analysis and experimental verification.

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Intermittent fault, electromagnetic relay, environmental stress, corrosion

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