Deep Learning-Enabled Statistical Model Estimation for Power Transformers with Censoring and Truncation Problems



Published Sep 4, 2023
Jiaxiang Cheng Sungin Cho Yap Peng Tan Guoqiang Hu


Traditional statistical models, e.g., Weibull distributions, are popular solutions for failure modeling and degradation anal- ysis in a variety of industries. To estimate the parameters of these statistical models, maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) is often engaged through various optimization algo- rithms. However, when dealing with highly reliable or new equipment, it is challenging to fit limited or unbalanced data to obtain an accurate model. In this paper, we propose a deep learning (DL)-based model for estimating the Weibull param- eters with both censoring and truncation problems. Instead of using the conventional matrices such as concordance index, we propose a novel validation framework to examine the pre- diction accuracy of different models. We examine the perfor- mance of the proposed approach on real-world power trans- former data, and the results show that our approach can im- prove prediction accuracy and is less susceptible to the trun- cation problem. Our results also suggest that deep learning techniques can help enhance traditional statistical modeling for reliability analysis.

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Failure analysis, Deep learning, Weibull distribution, Model validation, Model estimation

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