Tacholess Instantaneous Speed Estimation Considering the Characteristics of Vibration Harmonics



Published Sep 4, 2023
Jinoh Yoo Jongmin Park Taehyung Kim Jong Moon Ha Byeng Dong Youn


Knowledge of instantaneous shaft speed is vital for non- stationary condition monitoring of rotating machinery in real applications. To avoid installing expensive and inconvenient encoders, many researchers have developed instantaneous speed estimation methods by extracting the shaft speed from vibration signals. However, previous methods show limitations due to challenges in vibration signals. Therefore, we propose a novel instantaneous speed estimation method considering the characteristics of vibration harmonics to overcome the difficulties. Multiple harmonic components and their characteristics are utilized to obtain an accurate ridge in the time-frequency representation (TFR). The proposed method is validated and compared with the previous methods using a gear vibration simulated signal and civil aircraft engine dataset. The results show the accuracy and robustness of the proposed method.  

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Tacholess instantaneous speed estimation, Non-stationary conditions, Vibration signal

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