Advanced Weibull Modelling with Outliers



Published Sep 4, 2023
Yipeng Pang Guoqiang Hu Sungin Cho


This paper presents a comprehensive process for the advanced Weibull modelling with potential outlier inclusions. In this process, an algorithm is designed to identify if there exist any outliers (i.e., failures with different failure modes from the majority) in the failure data of the equipment of interest. Depending on the conditions of the identified outliers, a suitable statistical model is developed. To validate the model, it is compared with the estimated empirical distribution function with the inclusion of new failure data. It is shown that the proposed advanced Weibull model outperforms the two-parameter Weibull model in terms of fitting, and hence a better accuracy is achieved in the failure statistical analysis. Case study in the application of power systems is conducted to illustrate its effectiveness.  

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Statistical modelling, Weibull application, Outlier detection

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