Novel Ensemble Domain Adaptation Methodology for Enhanced Multi-class Fault Diagnosis of Highly-Connected Fleet of Assets



Published Sep 4, 2023
Takanobu Minami Alexander Suer Pradeep Kundu Shahin Siahpour Jay Lee


This paper proposes a novel methodology for enhancing multi-class classification accuracy in fault diagnosis problems among domains with highly-connected fleets of assets using time series data. The approach involves appending specially tailored models to an initial model and incorporating domain adaptation techniques to account for domain variations. The methodology is demonstrated through a case study on fault diagnosis of a fleet of hydraulic rock drills, which presents challenges due to variations in sensor data between different fault classes and individual machines. Results show significant improvements in classification accuracy, both in validation and testing, upon employing ensemble models and applying domain adaptation. While the study is limited to one case study, it lays the groundwork for exploring the applicability of the proposed methodology in other contexts.  

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Domain Adaptation, Fault Diagnosis, Ensemble Learning, Fleet of Assets

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