Acoustic Signal based Non-Contact Ball Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Adaptive Wavelet De-Noising



Published Sep 4, 2023
Wonho Jung Sung-Hyun Yun Yong-Hwa Park


This paper presents a non-contact fault diagnostic method for ball bearing using adaptive wavelet denoising, statistical-spectral acoustic features, and one-dimensional (1D) convolutional neural networks (CNN). The health conditions of the ball bearing are monitored by microphone under noisy condition. To eliminate noise, adaptive wavelet denoising method based on kurtosis-entropy (KE) index is proposed. Multiple acoustic features are extracted base on expert knowledge. The 1D ResNet is used to classify the health conditions of the bearings. Case study is presented to examine the proposed method’s capability to monitor the condition of ball bearings. The fault diagnosis results were compared with and without the adaptive wavelet denoising. The results show its effectiveness of the proposed fault diagnostic method using acoustic signals.  

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Acoustic Signals, Adaptive Wavelet Denoising, Fault Diagnosis

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