Observation and Prediction of Instability due to RD Fluid Force in Rotating Machinery by Operational Modal Analysis



Published Sep 4, 2023
Daiki Goto Tsuyoshi Inoue Akira Heya Shogo Kimura Shinsaku Nakamura Yusuke Watanabe


In rotating machinery, rotordynamic (RD) fluid force is generated in fluid elements such as journal bearings, impellers, and seals. This RD fluid force is generated by the interaction of shaft vibration and fluid force and is difficult to predict because of nonlinearity. The RD fluid force has a significant effect on the stability of rotating machinery and is known to cause instability. In this study, we predicted the instability caused by RD fluid force by using operational modal analysis, which is a method to identify vibration characteristics based only on operating data.

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Operational modal analysis, Rotating machinery, Vibration, Stability

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