A Health Index for Satellite System Based on Characteristics of Telemetry Data



Published Sep 4, 2023
Shun Katsube Hironori Sahara


Since satellites are non-repairable systems, it is important to detect anomalies early to prevent failures. Data-driven approaches to anomaly detection, which have been actively
studied in recent years, have problems such as low explainability and insufficient training data in initial operation. Thus, we propose a health index that is commonly available for all satellites. It is possible to share training data and examples of anomalies by monitoring
health status with the same index across different satellites. In this study, we extended our health index defined for the satellite power system to the entire satellite system. Then,
we applied the health index to the operational data of the Suzaku satellite and confirmed that the index is useful for anomaly detection.

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Anomaly detection, Feature extraction, Prognostics and health management, Satellite, Telemetry data

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