Advanced condition-based monitoring of CFRP under multiple impacts using monte carlo based prognostics and real-time self-sensing data



Published Sep 4, 2023
Yong Lee So Young Oh Jang Juhyeong Young-Bin Park


Studies on self-sensing system under multiple impacts are limited. Furthermore, real-time prognostics research using electromechanical behavior for impact-damage growth is rare and the impact-damaged area analysis has limited in self-sensing. In this paper, the health state of the carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic samples were monitored in real time utilizing self-sensing data. In-depth damage analysis using C-scan and cross-sectional analysis were conducted to investigate the correlation between the electromechanical behavior analysis. Moreover, the relationship between electromechanical behavior and the impact-damaged area was investigated. The damage propagation during multiple impacts was identified in real time. Furthermore, the electromechanical behavior was predicted to prognosticate the damage propagation in the samples under multiple impacts using a particle filter. The impact damage area was determined based on the predicted electromechanical behavior. Moreover, the prediction accuracy according to data acquired was investigated. An advanced condition-based monitoring methodology can monitor current and future health states and damage propagation under multiple impacts that overcomes the previous self-sensing research. Therefore, this study showed high applicability and guidelines for future self-sensing research fields.  

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Smart materials, Impact behaviour, Non-destructive testing

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