Development of demonstration system for fault diagnosis of rotating equipments using RK4 test rig



Published Sep 4, 2023
Hyun Joon Lee Jae Won Jang Hyung Jun Park Kyoung Rae Noh Sangchul Lee Joo-Ho Choi


Rotating machinery is an essential equipment in the manufacturing industry, of which the failure can lead to the interruption of whole production line. To prevent such failure, there have been a large number of studies for Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) technology. However, most studies have been focused on a specific algorithm or component, making it difficult to apply them in the field. In this study, a demonstration system for integrated fault diagnosis is developed for critical failure modes in the rotating equipment such as the mass imbalance, shaft misalignment, and the bearing fault using the vibration signals. To this end, Bently Nevada's RK4 rotor kit is revised to impose the failure modes easily. The solution is developed to detect anomalies, identify failure modes, and diagnose them in real time. Coupling ISO-based anomaly detection, rotational failure diagnosis and bearing failure diagnosis, the system is configured to enable comprehensive condition monitoring. The results are demonstrated by real-time simulation of each fault on the test-rig.
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Fault diagnosis, Demonstration system, Rotating equipments, RK4 testbed

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